I'm Ozan Öztaskiran - product designer, photographer, & occasional front-end developer based in Stockholm.

Latest Work

Enso Food Mobile App

Enso Food is an app in which users can buy food cheaper than its original price from restaurants when the food reaches its last use date.

Project Information

Role:    Senior Designer
Type:   Product Design, UI & UX Design
Year:    2021


About Me

15+ years in the business, I have worked as a system manager, front-end developer, project manager, UX/UI designer, and eventually as a product designer. I specialize in product design for both the web and mobile apps, and my focus is visual design and user experience. I also code HTML/CSS occasionally.


Ozan is a rockstar designer. He is willing to work with you around the clock until he has captured your brief to perfection.

Anna Rakoczy, CEO and Founder of Homemade Method

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Ozan Öztaskiran

Product designer, photographer, & occasional front end developer based in Stockholm.

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