Enso Food Mobile App

Enso Food is an app in which users can buy food cheaper than its original price from restaurants when the food reaches its last use date.

The business owners approached me to plan the user experience and design the application. I worked with the leading developer and the business manager until the end of the project—produced wireframes and design mockups.

Project Information

Role: Senior Designer
Type: Product Design, UI & UX Design
Year: 2021






The app had two different flows—one for the restaurants and the other for the customers. So we started with finding solutions for the restaurants' app while cross-checking the possible pain points for the user app.


Customer App

The main feature of the app was searching for food and restaurants. To make it easier for the user, I placed "Map - List" view options on the top and applied a fresh look & feel to reflect the brand values. Creating a simple and clutter-free layout was the primary goal.


Restaurant App

For the restaurant app, I focused on a completely different user group. I kept the same look & feel from the customer app to maintain consistency but added some alternative UI elements. Tackling the operational obstacles through the app was a challenge to solve.



I was involved in defining a UX strategy for both customer and restaurant apps before the design process, and planning made UI design easier for me. Finally, after almost a year of hard work, everyone was happy with the final product.

Let’s build something great together.